All About Relationships, LLC is a minority woman-owned small business based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  In 1999, we began as Unique Work ‘n Progress, LLC but changed our name in 2009 as more of a reflection of the true work that we have been doing with our clients throughout the years.  Our evolution continues our journey as a guide and facilitator for change and transformation devoted to supporting those who desire to release their chains of slavery (that which binds, holds, hinders, bonds, and oppresses) and reclaim their power to take effective action.

All About Relationships specializes in transforming relationships.  Our professional and personal relationship work guides you in building consciousness and relationship skills for building, sustaining and transforming professional (work) and personal relationships which leads you to your amazingly fulfilling life.   Our professional relationship transformation focuses on executive coaching, inclusion (diversity, implicit bias), organization/leadership/group-team/individual development.  Our personal relationship transformation focuses on relationship development, sustainability, and maintenance.

Company Mission
  • Guiding individuals to find purpose and fulfillment.
  • Guiding groups transitioning to an effective way of being and working together.
  • Guiding organizations to maximize the potential and success of their diverse employees.
  • Guiding employees to find their productive place within their organization’s culture.
  • Guiding singles and couples in building consciousness and skills for relationship development and maintenance.
Company Values

All About Relationships pledges to always work in the following ways:

  • Authentically with heart, discernment, and presence,
  • Collaboratively, flexibly, and creatively
  • Continuously learning for added value
  • Live as a catalyst for change.
A Few of Our Clients…