All About Udall

You can be the person you want to be— make the money you want to make; have the relationships you want to have; and accomplish all you want to accomplish for an amazingly fulfilling life.  You can have it all!  My role is to guide you in cutting the crap from your life by releasing your chains of slavery (anything that binds, holds, hinders, stops, blocks, etc.) in order for you to take effective action that leads to your amazingly fulfilling life.  Through conscious use of effective relationship skills with self and others, you become the person you want to be.

My professional and personal relationship work guides clients in building consciousness and relationship skills for building, sustaining and transforming professional (work) and personal relationships which leads you to your amazingly fulfilling life.   My professional relationship work focuses on executive coaching, inclusion (diversity, implicit bias), organization/leadership/group-team/individual development.  My personal relationship work focuses on relationship development, sustainability, and maintenance.

For 25 years, I have provided services as an internal and external consultant in the industries of education, airline, finance, utility, telecommunications, associations, federal/state/local government and management consulting.  I have operated as a facilitator of transformation by ensuring synthesis amongst individual, group and organization perspectives.

I am…

  • A Ph.D. (Organization Development & Change) student at Fielding Graduate University
  • A graduate of The George Washington University (M. A. in Education and Human Development with a
    concentration in multicultural issues, adult education/training, and organization development)
  • A graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A. in Sociology and Rhetoric & Communications Studies)
  • A Certified Integral and Certified Somatic Coach – developed a holistic coaching process that expands the capacity of individuals and groups to take action. I have coached at all levels of organizations:  executives, managers, supervisors and staff
  • Certified as an Organization Development & Change Management Specialist from Georgetown University
  • Certified as a Training Specialist from Georgetown University
  • A certified Cell Release Practitioner –combining somatic therapies with body-mind-emotion integration techniques
  • Certified Singles and Couples Relationship Coach (specializing with multi-ethnic premarital couples and post-divorce singles)
  • Former University of Phoenix Faculty facilitating on-line Cultural Diversity courses
  • A former Adjunct Professor teaching Managing Diversity for the Human Resource Management Masters of Arts Program at The American University
  • Talk radio host for Cut The Crap With Udall on
  • A certified practitioner for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strength Development Inventory (SDI), and FIRO-B
  • Experienced in the administration of and coaching for multi-rater assessment instruments such as Clark Wilson, Leadership Effectiveness Inventory and Hogan Instruments and many others
  • A certified and experienced process consultant (NTL Institute) for groups especially for leader and new member integration, team start-up and maintenance, merging organization cultures, and diversity/inclusion issues
  • A DOL certified Master trainer and facilitator, an accomplished coach, and speaker to various organizations and associations throughout the United States and Canada
  • The author, designer and facilitator of numerous seminars, workshops and processes in areas such as coaching, emotional competence, cultural competence, sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention, executive/supervisor/manager/leadership/ team development, transition, and career development.