Clients Are Saying…

Over the past 12 years, I have been most impressed with the Executive Coaching services of Udall DeOleo of All About Relationships, LLC.  She is superb in raising self-awareness and partnering in designing impactful strategies that yield tangible and quantifiable results.  Udall is brilliant, intuitive, supportive, empowering, and authentic.  I hired her as my personal consultant when I first entered the Senior Executive Service back in 2005.  As the then Executive Director in a federal agency, I extended her services to our senior leadership team.  Many of our senior judges and hearing office managers across the country also found her services extremely helpful.  In addition to her executive coaching services, she also customized a hugely successful strategic planning session for one of our hearing offices.

I reunited with Udall to secure her services in 2016.  She is so effective, this year I also made her services available again to my staff here in my current federal agency.  I highly recommend her for new, seasoned and emerging executives.
Maria Price Detherage, SES, USAID

This program (Diversity) increases our awareness of how our differences can help us push the envelope and better serve our customers.
I still continue to be mindful of what I have learned and continue to use the methods learned. I continue to be encouraged to step out of my comfort zones. …through Ms. DeOleo’s coaching I was able to tap the magic within me. It was Ms. DeOleo’s commitment, consistency, encouragement, professionalism, effectiveness and creative unblocking techniques that helped me to remove the obstacles and rediscover the artist I am.
P. Taylor, Portrait Artist
As a student Relationship Coach at Relationship Coaching Institute (R.C.I.), I had the opportunity to experience Udall’s coaching, mentoring and teaching skills. Udall was my ‘mentor coach’ for six months and during this time, I was extremely impressed with her ability to clearly identify areas for further development and how to achieve this. Udall really does ‘Cut through The Crap’ and says it ‘how it is’, VERY precisely, concisely and succinctly; without any ‘waffle/jargon’. If you want someone who is TOTALLY ‘tuned in’ and says it ‘how it is’, which gets you to ‘really look’ at how you can further improve, I highly recommend, Udall. I believe I have come such a long way in 6 months. Thank you, Udall, for all your guidance and support!” Sharon Craig, Social Worker/Relationship Coach, New Zealand