Love Again:  Finding Your Divine Love Partner

We often focus on what we want without asking ourself if we’re open to accept what we’ve requested. So goes the warning “Be careful what you ask/pray for, because you might get it”. If you are recently divorced or released a long-term relationship, even though you may want a new relationship, ask yourself:

  • Have I released the baggage from my past relationship(s)?
  • Have I released anger and blame?
  • Have I removed the subconscious fear of dating again?
  • Do I have everything in place that indicates to the universe, I desire my divine love partner?

    It would be tragic to meet someone who is a great match only to be unable to make a connection because you weren’t ready for love.  Don’t be afraid to know where you stand.

    Take a few minutes and assess yourself. This 10-question quiz assesses your readiness for a committed relationship. Cut the crap and be honest with yourself.

  • Am I Ready?

    If you’re ready for love click below.

    I’m Ready!
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