Love Outside the Lines Interethnic In-Marital Coaching:

Six Key Elements of a Radical Couple

Key Element #1: Radical Commitment

Beyond your marriage vows, you both are absolutely 100% committed to your marriage, no matter what, and you are committed to your partner’s happiness as your own.

Key Element #2: Radical Communication

You know how to effectively exchange information so that it is thoroughly understood, and you know how to assert your needs, resolve differences and conflict to get on with the serious business of fulfilling your dreams together.

Key Element #3: Radical Intimacy

You are completely transparent to your partner, you don’t censor yourself or hold anything back. You share all your thoughts feelings, wants, needs, fantasies and desires.

Key Element #4: Radical Romance

You continually express your love, appreciation, attraction and adoration for your partner in words and actions and don’t take your relationship for granted or allow passion to be replaced by routine.

Key Element #5: Radical Sex

Beyond satisfying physical urges, you consciously seek and experience emotional, physical, and spiritual connection every day, continually exploring new ways to express love and pleasure your partner and allowing yourself to be loved and pleasured.

Key Element #6: Radical Living

Beyond survival and comfort, you consciously design your lifestyle together, develop your shared vision and goals, and devote time and resources to realizing your dreams in each moment together, as well as prioritizing your goals and preparing for your future.