Love Outside the Lines 

Interethnic Premarital Coaching 

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The dress.. The place…the guest list… The reception…the tux…the wedding party.  Wedding planning whether for a large or small event usually becomes the focus after the proposal.  Unless your minister or church demands premarital counseling many couples don’t think about it or live in the fantasy of happy ever after.
Even though we would all want to believe that love conquers all, statistics indicate the odds are stacked against you

since 50% of U.S. marriages fail.   If you are an interethnic (interracial) couple the rate of potential divorce increases. Even though marriages fail for various reasons, interethnic couples may face underlying cultural assumptions and expectations that they are unaware of combined with the usual issues that may befall a marriage.
With the odds stacked against you and love not conquering all —what can you do?  You can cut the crap and prepare for after the wedding before tying the knot. Be proactive in preparing for your life together by building your marriage skills.

  • Create the marriage you desire
  • Determine possibilities for your future
  • Develop your own system for communicating about issues
  • Work your unique financial plan
  • Build a strong foundation and connection
  • Learn how to test assumptions
  • Learn how to resolve conflict
Let’s Do This!